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Brain Gain™ provides professionals and organizations with comprehensive consulting based on up-to-date brain health research. We cover cognitive wellness, brain exercises, and memory improvement across the continuum of senior services, from active independent and interdependent, to completely dependent.

Recent Research :

• Use It or Lose It–Do Effortful Mental Activities Protect against Dementia / Achieving & Maintaining Cognitive Vitality with Aging
• Preventive Strategies against Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia / Exercise Your Brain with Neurobic Activities.

The Experts Say...


"This study shows that cognitive training improves cognitive function in well-functioning older adults and that this improvement lasts up to 5 years from the beginning of the intervention."

– Journal of the American Medical Association

"Participating in Mentally Stimulating Activities May Reduce Risk for Alzheimer's Disease..."

– National Institutes of Health

"Older people who engage in mentally challenging activities significantly reduce their risk for Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia."

– New England Journal of Medicine

"This study shows that "the brain's anatomy, neural networks, and cognitive abilities can all be strengthened and improved through your experiences and interactions with your environment."

– National Institute of Mental Health

"Research Documents that Mentally Stimulating Activities Have a Protective Effect Against Dementia."

– Karolinska Institute




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