The Experts Say...

National Institute of Mental Health
This study shows that "the brain’s anatomy, neural networks, and cognitive abilities can all be strengthened and improved through your experiences and interactions with your environment." more...

Journal of the American Medical Association
This study shows that cognitive training improves cognitive function in well-functioning older adults and that this improvement lasts up to 5 years from the beginning of the intervention. more...

National Institutes of Health
Participating in Mentally Stimulating Activities May Reduce Risk for Alzheimer's Disease more...

New England Journal of Medicine
Older people who engage in mentally challenging activitites significantly reduce their risk for Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.more...

Karolinska Institute
Research Documents that Mentally Stimulating Activities Have a Protective Effect Against Dementia. more...
About Us

Brain Gain™ offers brain wellness and memory training classes, workshops, seminars and keynote speeches to groups and individuals in a variety of settings both private and public. Services are provided for independent adults, assisted living residents, nursing home residents and private clients. Participants include the full range of individuals from cognitively normal to mild cognitive impairment (MCI) to early and mid stage Alzheimer's Disease/dementia clients. Workshops are tailored to fit group/individual needs and budget constraints. We offer diverse program selections for day and evening workshops.


In additon, we provide packaged, "ready to use " learning curriculum that provides whole brain exercises for people 50 and over. Our easy to use instructor guides enable you to facilitate our unique cognitive exercise programs. Offer "neurobics " to your clients whether they are active and independent, require assisted living or day care or are completely dependent on skilled nursing.
Recent Research

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